Fully Automatic AED


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Lifpak CR2 - Fully Automatic AED

Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential with voltage and duration compensation for patient impedance.

Patient Impedance Range: 10 – 300 ohms

Energy Accuracy: 10% of the energy setting into 50 ohms 15% of the rated energy output into 25 – 175 ohms Output Energy Sequence: Multiple levels, configurable from 150 joules to 360 joules. Energy Default: 200J, 300J, 360J (adult) 50J, 75J, 90J (paediatric) Shock Advisory System™: An ECG analysis system that advises whether a shock is appropriate; meets rhythm recognition criteria specified in IEC 60601-2-4. CPR Coaching: Instructions for adult and paediatric CPR, including feedback when no CPR is detected, rate and depth guidance, a metronome and instructions on hand placement.

Time to Shock at 360J after CPR:

  •  Semi-Automatic: < 17 seconds
  • Fully Automatic: < 23 seconds

Charge Time: 0 seconds for first 150J or 200J shock (as the device is pre-charged).

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